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Bad Reviews 05/22/2012
the worse experience ever... never got my food.. Dragana, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 04/22/2012
Great rainbow roll but the prices for simple rolls are a bit on the pricey side. Gyoza wasn't so hot (literally and figuratively). Best to pick up your order to make sure it is the correct one. Also the delivery took a little long, which was fine/expected but the food that should be hot or at least warm was freezing. Jenna, ordered 33 times
Ok Reviews 12/16/2011
Waited 20 minutes after ordering to be told they wouldnt deliver to me. i only live 3 miles from them. probably wont order from here again Audrey, ordered 3 times
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Yelp's Reviews 383 reviews
Love the spicy triple roll entree, and the chicken katsu curry! the katsu curry is a little over-priced, but its a LOT of food, and quite delicious read more...
Posted by Abigail G. on

Genki Ya gets a solid 3 stars. It used to be 4 star for me, but lately the sushi menu has changed and its more focused on cream cheese and fried sushi and... read more...
Posted by Carrianne C. on

I love their sushi, but their delivery is terrible. Waited 1 hour 50 min for a delivery -- the restaurant is a 7 min drive from my home at best. The... read more...
Posted by Inessa L. on